The Rambunctious Social Club presents THE WONDERWILD RUMPUS! An Ay Carumba of Christmas Chaos!
Tricksters and Rumpus Rousers! Wild and Wonder folk! Have you been naughty or nice? Well this one is for the naughty!
The South West’s curators of creative chaos and dance floor devilry bring you their last blast of 2023!

In full Global bass heavy Krampus style and Belsnickel break down, the Rambunctious crew bring you a DJ special with DJ's Griff and Hodguez, or Lee and Griff as you may know them. The Tricksters trail will take you on tropical hopping journey through the cheeky twists, turns and delights of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and far beyond, a whirlwind of naughty delights….a mash up of styles and genres that will feed the fiery belly and thirst of any devilish trickster!
Join the boys on a genre hopping, fire, fun grin inducing extravaganza!

59a High street

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