The first ever release from South west Uk's legendary Rambunctious Social Club! Rambunctious Social Club's very own Señor Griff brings you an eye popping remix of Monteria Swing's 'La Samariai'. 

In conjunction with the release of the 'Dia de Los Muertos' charity poster, this track will be available for free for a limited time of seven days! So buy a poster and get a free track!
released August 11, 2020 
Original track by Orquesta Nuñez. 

Abraham Nunez Narvaez's fabulous Monterio Swing evolved from its popular 60s predecessor, Las (adques del Sinu (the 
Chiefs of the Sinu), whose name reveals its origins in the Sinu delta. The "cacique"was the chief of local indigenous communities whose gaita flutes gave their name to a traditional, flute-led genre from that region. Gaito, cumbia and porro are at the core of Nunez's repertoire.
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